The Hemp Keychain

The Hemp Keychain



An iconic hemp keychain with the personalization that you crave!  Keychains include UP to 3 character charms or UP to 20 letters in words.  You can also choose NO charm/words.  You'll have the option for a Mickey shaped keyring or a standard circular keyring.


In order to customize your item, please look through the "item photos", pick out your desired charms (by NUMBER) and write them in the order that you desire in the field below.  There are 3 types of "charms": regular (which are not labeled), PVC and Resin.  Regular charms have a built in shank back and work perfetly on both bracelets and keychains.  PVC charms are "rubbery" and will have a shank back glued on (similar to a Crocs charm) - good for both bracelets and keychains.  Resin charms are HARD SHINY PLASTIC and will have a shank back glued on.  Resin charms are typically best reserved for keychains.


For example if you want Mickey Standing and Minnie Standing please write "1, 45".  If you want Flounder, Ariel and Sebastian (in that order) write "147, 144, 146".


If you want words, please write them out exactly how you want them.  For example "Michael Does It All" or "Wear A Mask".  If you want no charms/words please write "N/A".  Please also write (in the 2nd box), if you would like Black/White or Colored letters.

  • Additional Info

    Due to customization, there will be no refunds/returns/exchanges.  Due to charm availability and stock, some items may take longer to ship as we wait for the charms to arrive.  Our goal is to ship all items out within 3 weeks of purchase.  Please do NOT email unless it has been longer than 3 weeks and you have not received a shipping confirmation email. Hemp will fade and wear over time and become softer - this is normal!  The more that it is worn/gets wet - the more that it will fade.

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